People We Admire #1

In our new column, we are celebrating the unsung heroes – people in our surroundings that do good and help out without expecting anything in return. In my short four years in Purple Foundation, I have met a huge number of them – be it someone who puts effort into recycling even though no one around does; or someone who regularly donates their clothes to people in need without giving it a second thought.  In this series, I want to introduce my personal heroes who deserve recognition and inspire you to do right by the world, even though it sometimes feels like our efforts might not make even the smallest difference. Believe me, they all do. Happy reading! Roman Pupkov is our Purple colleague from Ukraine and a wonderful human being, as well as a great example of the fact that one can help in so many ways, if we only put our mind to it. Being an avid football player, Roman decided to help ease the burden and stress of the war in Ukraine of more than 22 children and started an afternoon football group for Ukrainian boys and girls aged 6-16 in Prague - Letná. The boys are meeting once a week and as far as I know, the football club is getting popular and more and more children are joining!  Roman took it upon himself not only to organize this club, but finance it as well. Everything from stadium rental fees to equipment and jerseys - not an easy task at all, if you ask me, but he does it all in a nonchalant way and with the widest smile on his face that we all love so much. Roman, thank you for being so amazing and making these kids focus on something enjoyable when everything around them feels wobbly and uncertain. If you wish to find out more about Roman’s football club or support him, find all the information here: .

Our Team - Filip

What is your position in the company? I currently act as an HR sponsor, which means that I try to keep an overview of how HR works in our group of companies and consult when needed. Have you always inclined to charity and charity work? I have, at least a little bit for most of my adult life. When I couldn’t donate any money or time, me and my colleagues at least donated blood, so I think there is always a way to help. What is your role at Purple Foundation and which of our charity endeavors are currently your favourite? I have been active in my Foundation role for only a little over a year, which makes me officially the “youngest serving member” and thus I try to bring in an “outside perspective”. I do not have a specific role, but I tend to believe in helping others help themselves - giving a helping hand, so that the other can stand on their own two feet and learns to move forward without further outside help. Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public? There are so many, but to name one, I would say physical health and stability of young people, be it children or teenagers. It’s important to learn to cope with the ever-changing world and environment we all live in. One’s personality is shaped immensely at a young age and it is harder to change one’s habits later on. What do you like to do in your free time? Apart from work that I love, I am a family person and I am grateful for any time I can spend with my family. I also find it very important and relaxing to do sports or walk in the nature. What are some of your personal goals for 2022? Aside of my constant goal which is peace, health and overall happiness of my family, these days my aim is the completion of the location where we live and are building a house. I wish that other happy families could live there and, above all, the area would be as pleasant as possible to live in. I believe that it will also have quite an impact on nature and the surrounding area. It's nice that people are slowly realizing that even houses and areas for living can be connected with nature.

Our Team - Krištof - A year later

In the last introduction, you told us a bit about your position in the Purple Team. I would like to ask about your journey to Purple – what were your studies focused on and how did you find out that Purple would be the best fit for you?  I have a Master's degree in Mechatronics Engineering. In the last year of my studies, I took an internship in an international corporation, but was quite unpleasantly surprised to see how people behaved to each other and I somehow lost motivation and liking not to the subject of my studies itself (that is a very interesting field!), but to the idea that I would have to work in such environment my whole life. Together with certain personal problems I was going through at the time, I decided to follow a completely different path and I stumbled upon an ad for Purple which was unique and very different from the typical job ads from the engineering area. So I tried to apply (in the beginning just for fun), but when I met several people from the company in person, I felt that this was the place. And I have not regretted my decision ever since.  Which charity endeavors are currently your favourite in Purple Foundation? My all-time favourites are Dům pro Julii , SOS Dětské vesničky , Společnost E and Společnost pro ranou péči . But, of course, all the projects we support make sense to me. Is there any charity event you attend outside of PuFo that you would like to recommend? I like the Dr Clown initiative of my home town's Trenčín foundation - its goal is to make the stay for the children who are in medical or social facilities long-term (often without a regular contact with their parents) more enjoyable by doing various theatre and fun performances, because it is said that laughter and good mood can heal and give hope to the sick. Otherwise, in general I am trying to help people around me that I know who got into trouble, be it financially or by other means. Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public? I think that children hospice care deserves a lot more attention than it gets, however, I must say it is slowly getting better in my opinion, very much thanks to Dům pro Julii and their activities. A year ago, I was asking about your goals and plans for the next couple of months and yours were visiting a Nordic country, finish the Fjällräven Classic trek and have a beer in a beer garden. Have you managed to make any of these dreams come true? Well... I didn't manage to achieve any goals from the list except for having a beer(s) in a beer garden, but they sufficed. Seriously though, those are long-term goals and I think I have still a couple of years before I won't be able to do anything, so I believe it will happen eventually, sooner or later.  What are some of your personal goals for 2022? Based on my previous answer to this question, I would rather not set any goals for this year, since the answer next year could be the same...:)

Our Team - Dana - A year later

In the last introduction, you told us a bit about your position in the Purple Team. I would like to ask about your journey to Purple – what were your studies focused on and how did you find out that Purple would be the best fit for you?  My field of study has very little to do with my current job – I studied teaching English. English language has always been my big passion, but after a couple of semesters I found teaching children too demanding. I do, however, enjoy teaching adults and from time to time I take on a student or two. Studying English also helped me in Purple – I do translations for the company and help my colleagues with any questions they might have in my famous “Lingvistické okienko.” I started in Purple as an HR Assistant, then moved on to event management for a couple of years and now work full time in Purple Foundation. It embodies everything I look for in a job – charity, creativity, socializing, event management, meeting new people and places, English, ecology, hands-on work, and much more. I truly feel it is the perfect fit for me! Which charity endeavors are currently your favourite in Purple Foundation?  Any connected with helping Ukraine which is a huge topic in our foundation these days. I am also rooting for ProFem, o.p.s. who are building the first centre for victims of sexual violence in the Czech Republic. And I know that it is very soon, but I already cannot wait for the first ever Charity Christmas market at our company’s headquarters! Is there any charity event you attend outside of PuFo that you would like to recommend?  An area very close to my heart is helping animals and animal shelters. Animals cannot express their needs, pain and hardships like we can, which is why we should focus on them all the more. I have been helping in animal shelters in Slovakia and Czechia, organized collections for them, making gift packages and toys for the dogs and cats.  If you wish to help animals, there are so many ways to do so – helping with a clean-up or taking dogs for a walk at the spot, helping organize charity shops and flea markets, donating financially, donating much needed items such as towels, nappies, food, duvets, bowls, and much more! Another way to use your talent and help support them is offering your social media, programming or photography skills – just ask at your local shelter. Get creative – once I contacted a tennis centre in Brno and they donated 150 used tennis balls for the dogs to play with. 😊 To name some of them that definitely deserve our help – Tuláčik , Veľké Kapušany , Kočičí tlapky , Tibet , etc. Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public?  Mental health support and ensuring dignified conditions for seniors nationwide – be it in their own homes or social housing. I feel that too many of our seniors live under the poverty line and they are not granted the comfort and rest they deserve. I also feel that the current technology-oriented society is not fit for them and oftentimes they might feel confused, misunderstood and lonely. I wish to see a change in this area soon. That is why I am really happy that Purple Foundation is supporting Mezi Námi who connect seniors with kindergarten children, has supported the Ježíškova Vnoučata program and regularly donates to hospices and hospitals.  A year ago, I was asking about your goals and plans for the next couple of months and yours were I to stop shopping uncontrollably, go to nature more often, cook more often and take more dogs for walks. Have you managed to make any of these dreams come true?  I have definitely been working on my mental health – therapy, meditation, actually sitting down and taking a good hard look at my habits and relationships. It’s not always easy, but I can already see a lot of progress! 😊 I am cooking a lot more, which I am immensely proud of, the shopping sprees are, fortunately, less frequent, but the one thing that I need to work on is walking more dogs still. What are some of your personal goals for 2022?  As I am turning 30 this year, I have compiled a list of 30 things I want to do before this big birthday and I am following it religiously! Some things I have already checked are driving a tractor, trying tlačenka, visit Adamov or bake a bábovka in my own bábovka form. The biggest one is happening in only a couple of days – I am having my own art exhibition and after months of preparation, I cannot wait for the vernissage! For the rest of the year, I would like to spend more time with my family, take every possible chance to travel to a seaside and I have been flirting with the idea to learn to play the violin. 

Our Team - Lenka - A year later

Lenka, in the last introduction, you told us a bit about your position in the Purple Team. I would like to ask about your journey to Purple – what were your studies focused on and how did you find out that Purple would be the best fit for you? Maybe my studies are a bit out of topic as I studied Aesthetics. Anyway, my first job experience was in an online bank and I found my passion for FinTech there. Purple is a very natural result of my years spent in this industry. I wanted to know more and now I am really satisfied as I get to learn something new every day. Which charity endeavors are currently your favourite in Purple Foundation? I personally love a hospice called Cesta domů as they help directly and also they have great educational project which helps breaking the taboo of facing death in our society. Is there any charity event you attend outside of PuFo that you would like to recommend? Not really an event, but every Christmas I support a different charity as it has been a part of the Christmas holidays for me in my adult years. Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public? I think Czech people are doing very well in this area and we are generous donors. In general, I think our society should pay more attention to people struggling with mental diseases from depression to Alzheimer´s. I am afraid it is still a taboo in our society. In this regard I don´t mean only financial help but also public education which will help to change the system. A year ago, I was asking about your goals and plans for the next couple of months and yours were improving your driving skills and learn to pickle sauerkraut using your grandmother's recipe. Have you managed to make any of these dreams come true? What are some of your personal goals for 2022? Well, I haven´t achieved any of them for 100%. Anyway, my main goal this year is family as I am pregnant. And I assume my driving and cooking skills will come along smoothly with maternity.

2021 in Purple Foundation

2021 in Purple Foundation was a busy year, full of changes, upgrades, wonderful projects and cooperation with our Purple team colleagues. We managed to divide an amazing sum of 5 089 085 Kč (€207 945). Wondering which projects we decided to support this year? Check them out below and send us an email on in case you know of any other projects worth supporting! Linka bezpečí, z.s. Sum donated: 50 000 Kč (€20 041) Linka bezpečí is a helpline for children, parents, grandparents or educators that need help but cannot or are afraid to find it in their immediate environment. Approximately 400 children reach out to the helpline daily.  The purpose of our donation is supporting production of videos - a form of passive counselling that serves as a first aid when a child cannot or  does not want to call the helpline while dealing with one of the addressed topics. The sum covers the costs of the agency which implements the video project; and salaries of the employees of the helpline who carry out this agenda beyond their usual workload. Find out more  here . Dětská Nemocnice Brno Sum donated: 56 680 Kč (€2314) The wonderful doctors from the Clinical psychology and psychiatry ward at  Dětská Nemocnice Brno have started using a brand new Bayley Scale we helped them purchase. The scales are developed to help identify babies and children with developmental delays (i.e. autism) early on and helps assess the five key developmental domains of cognition, language, social-emotional, motor and adaptive behaviour. We hope the tool helps as many children and families as possible and makes the amazing work of the department easier!  Find out more  here . Fakultní Nemocnice Brno Sum donated: 412 247 Kč (€16 831) Let me use this space to thank all the amazing collectives of doctors, nurses and the rest of the hard-working staff in our hospitals - they have been dealing with the pandemic for two years now on top of their regular work and we are so grateful for their services! This is the reason we dedicate a large sum of our budget to hospitals every year.  As all the hospitals deserve to have all the help to take care of their patients available, we decided to purchase four plasma-based air disinfectant machines for the hospital, helping across several wards.  Find out more  here . Klub svobodných matek z.s. Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) The organization provides financial, material and professional legal assistance to single families. In their helping programs, they aid with food and housing costs, pay for children's lunches in kindergartens and schools, summer camps and Christmas presents. They cooperate with field social workers, shelters and branches of the Labor Office. Our sum will support single-parent families and the Fashion Charity Shop of the organization.  Find out more  here . Program BUDDY Sum donated: 120 000 Kč (€4899) The program provides support to children who cannot grow up in their families. BUDDY employees seek, select and connect volunteers with children from social or foster care. Each child is paired with a volunteer who is offering their time, support, helping hand and guidance.  The sum was used for a recruitment campaign to find new volunteers. Find out more  here . Janus, z. s. Sum donated: 296 000 Kč (€12 085) Janus is an organization helping children and young adults leaving institutional care start their adult life - be it help with accommodation, work, finances, or mental health.  The sum is partially financing the annual lease of the client center which is the background for attendance (outpatient) services and partially financing supervision service which provides care for maintaining the mental health of employees, prevention of burnout and ensuring professionalism and quality of services to clients. Find out more here . Nový Prostor, o.s. Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) An organization giving people without their own homes a chance to get back on their feet and teach them employment skills through selling a quality magazine.  Our financial contribution supports their new project aimed at professionalization and career advancement of the retailers (introduction of payment terminals at retail outlets, equipment such as work vests, bags on wheels to facilitate the carrying of magazines and incentive rewards in the form of trade vouchers, transport allowances, etc.). The current salespeople will also be employed as instructors to train new employees.  Find out more  here . Impulz, o.z. Sum donated: 25 000 Kč (€1023) Part of organization's mission is to try to bridge the world of people with mental disabilities with the world of mainstream society in a natural way. They train their clients in various skills and employ them in their workshops. The sum will help with material and technical equipment of the workshop, so that the association can continue its operation and thus secure the work of the employees of the workshop.  The bought material will be stearin (material for making candles), new molds, wicks, and similar equipment. If you are looking for some cute gifts for your loved ones, make sure to check their e-shop! Find out more  here . Mezi námi, o.p.s. Sum donated: 245 000 Kč (€10 003) We have been supporting the organization's reading program Přečti between seniors and kindergarten children for three years and enabled them to start connecting these two age groups in Brno and create a social platform beneficial for all the people involved . Our contribution will help the organization run the program in Brno for another year. In 2021, they even started cooperating with MUNI Volunteer center who are helping them recruit more Fairytale grandmas and grandpas! Find out more  here . Zajíček na koni, o.p.s. Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) Walking alongside the riverside of Vltava in Prague, why not get some coffee at a café that helps people with a handicap get employed! Purple Foundation is a proud supporter of Café AdAstra, a lovely eatery run by organization Zajíček na koni, o.p.s. The 39 employees with a handicap work in the kitchen, behind the bar and as waiters.  The gift from the Foundation helps them pay the salaries of disabled people and their assistants, purchase material for their e-shop products and promote the organization on social networks.  Find out more  here . ParaCENTRUM Fenix, z. s. Sum donated: 165 500 Kč (€6757) The organization helps spinal cord-injured (SCI) people and their families make a safe return to an active life and they have been our trusted partner organization for a long time. The Foundation has decided to support their client rehabilitation program. Kudos to every person working for Fenix that creates a safe space that is there for people in need!  You might recognize Mr Náhlík in the picture - he was the one who visited us in 2020 and offered a wonderful EDU Session sharing his life story. Find out more here . Cesta domů, z.ú. Sum donated: 200 000 Kč (€8166) So many people deal with the need to take care of their terminally ill relatives and loved ones and they are definitely a group of those who need help. Therefore, we decided to support the home hospice Cesta domů, z.ú. that focuses on the often taboo theme of dying. It is a group of professionals who provide education on the topic, lend the tools needed to care for the long-term sick at home and run the hospice and community center themselves.  This time, our donation helped them cover labour costs, protective equipment and publishing activities.  Find out more here . SOS dětské vesničky, z.s. Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) We are so happy to support the amazing organization SOS Dětské vesničky! They help children at risk and their families, providing anything from food and other everyday necessities, psychological and social help to organizing summer camps.  Helping these families means preparing the children for their future and offering them possibilities for their growth, education and happiness. Our donation covers the financial costs of psychological counseling for children and parents from foster families.  Find out more  here . Dům pro Julii, z.ú. Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) Taking care of and dealing with the loss of a terminally ill child is something unimaginable for most of us but, unfortunately, there are families for whom this situation is a reality. We have have been supporting the organization for years and this time, our contribution supported financing of field social, therapeutic and other services in families who are clients of the organization. Their stuff are doing such a wonderful and difficult job - not only are the children taken care of, the organization also navigates the tough process of dealing with and mourning the loss for the family.  Find out more  here . Richard levie srdce, o.z. Sum donated: 47 729 Kč (€1950) Riško Fidluš is the sweetest little boy with a diagnosed congenital myasthenic syndrome. He spent a large portion of the year breathing only through a tracheostomy cannula and after its removal, he needed to complete a two-week recovery stay at the Hendi rehabilitation center in Piešťany, Slovakia. We managed to help his family finance the stay where he was be offered a program focused on children with neurological disorders.  Find out more  here . Auto na joystick Sum donated: 50 000 Kč (€2043) We are happy to support innovative projects and ideas that might help tons of people in the long run. Such is the projects Joystick car realized by Róbert Balušík.  The output of the project is adaptation of a car to driving with a joystick instead of a steering wheel for physically handicapped people. The modification of the car will also provide best practices to the target group, ensure homologation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the car will be lent to a driving school in the Czech Republic for the possibility of physically disabled people to obtain a driver's license for such type of a car. We are looking forward to seeing the future and success of this project!  Find out more  here. yourchance, o.p.s. Sum donated: 470 000 Kč (€19 189) The program of the organization called Start Right (Začni Správně) helps young people from social or foster care to stand on their own two feet after leaving the care and be able to live a full and independent life. The financial contribution will be used to cover the remuneration of staff working as coordinators in the regions. This activity is a key aid for young people who do not have another trustworthy person with whom to deal with issues related to the start of independent living. Find out more  here. Společnost E Sum donated: 114 000 Kč (€4654) An organization that has been supporting people with epilepsy since 1990 and their main goal is integrating them into society. They have established their own workshop Aranžérie, where they employ them and create beautiful flower decorations and arrangements. We have decided to support the organization by purchasing a car that helps them deliver their decorations and also managed to support the workshop itself. Furthermore, our contribution helped them complete a new  e-shop .  Find out more  here . Základní škola Otrokovice, Komenského Sum donated: 55 275 Kč (€2277) ZŠ Komenského is an extraordinary school teaching pupils with mental or physical disabilities. Its aim is to equip students with basic knowledge, skills and habits needed to achieve the maximum possible degree of independence and social integration according to their physical and mental abilities. When finished, students can apply in the field of social services, for example in a sheltered workplace or social therapy workshops.  Our financial contribution will support the motor and sensory perception of pupils by purchasing the tools for equipping their activity room, such as a swing, trampoline, slide, etc. Find out more here . Společnost pro ranou péči, pobočka Brno Sum donated: 30 000 Kč (€1225) The organization helps families with children who are born with a disability or endangered development - the parents are then more ready and comfortable in their kids' upbringing.  The contribution was used for design and custom production of stimulating aids for the development of vision or other senses and the overall support of psychomotor development of the children.  Find out more  here . Ježiškova Vnoučata Sum donated: 35 000 Kč (€1430) What a beautiful project to support! The purpose of the donation is financial support for the Santa Claus' grandchildren project of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund. The aim is to meet the wishes of seniors in Czech retirement homes, hospitals and specialized centers who, for whatever reason, have lost the interest of their own families and, in addition to attention and experience, also lack material things. You can also help by purchasing or sending gifts of your choosing - oftentimes they are little things that will make the elderly really happy! Find out more  here . Liga vozíčkářů z. ú. Sum donated: 120 000 Kč (€4899) Just like paraCENTRUM Fenix, Liga vozíčkářů is taking care of wheelchair users.  This time, our contribution supported their Sheltered Housing project, specifically adaptation of their flat for sheltered housing for persons with severe physical and combined disabilities in Brno. Sheltered housing is an intermediate stage between trying to live independently in a training apartment and completely independent living with the use of field social services. This model gives people a chance to live as independently as possible outside of institutional care.  Find out more  here . Člověk v tísni, o. p. s. Sum donated: 500 000 Kč (€20 414) Not only are we in Purple Foundation trying to help proactively, we are also working on our reactive and immediate help, which meant discussing helping people affected by the tornado in South Moravia in June as soon as possible. We were happy to have been able to send 500 000 Kč to  Člověk v tísni (an organization helping people in need) to make it easier to cope with the aftermath.  We are still  in awe of the extent of voluntary help - the human empathy shown after the tornado was much stronger than we could have expected!  Find out more  h ere . DOBRÝ ANDĚL, nadace Sum donated: 100 000 Kč (€4083) According to our Purple values, we hand-pick individual, local projects that we feel happy to support. There is one amazing exception, though, and that has been from the very start Dobrý Anděl, an organization who helps families affected by serious illnesses. Our financial support of the organization has already improved lives of 140 families and counting! We are 100% sure that they will make an informed decision and divide the money fairly among families who need it the most.  Find out more  here . Hospic sv. Alžběty o.p.s. Sum donated: 50 000 Kč (€2043) "I'm not exaggerating when I say I couldn't have picked a better place. They are doing an excellent job taking care of me under more than favorable economic conditions." These are the words of one of the patients in  Hospic sv. Alžběty in Brno taking care of 400 patients a year. This time, our donation supported the improvement of facilities for the stay of immobile patients in the hospice and facilities for people with reduced self-sufficiency - completion of the residential part of the garden, pergola equipment, garden furniture, parasols on terraces and replenishment of existing greenery for meetings of patients with their loved ones.  Find out more  here . PURPLE GROUP HELPS  See what we were up to in 2021 below!  Sant Egidio community & SOS dětské vesničky charity collection  As is our yearly tradition, the Purple group have joined forces and supported two organizations - Sant Egidio Community who are collecting  necessary items for homeless people, such as tinned food, hygiene items, clothes, sleeping bags, duvets, etc. and SOS Vesničky - an organization supporting children and families from socially disadvantaged environment. We managed to collect plenty of items for their day-to-day lives as well as arts & crafts materials for the children summer camp. A huge thank you to everyone who joined in and supported our collections! Find out more  here (Sant Egidio) and here (SOS Vesničky). Schizandra garden Add a number of crafty colleagues, a good cause and a great organization team and you have a perfect recipe for a teambuilding!   This year, we helped with finishing touches at the Schizandra garden of  Práh jižní Morava, z.ú. where people with schizophrenia meet up, have workshops and therapy sessions and much more. It was our third and last time at the venue, as it is all done and ready to be serving those who need it soon!  A huge thank you goes to  Dobrokar for organizing this event for us and we will be on a lookout for a project where we can help hands-on in 2022. If you scrolled until this picture, send an email to with the password "Schizandra," the first person to do so wins a little present from PuFo. Find out more  here . Run for Hospic sv. Alžběty, Brno The run for  Hospic sv. Alžběty is slowly becoming our tradition and this year, our Purple team grew a bit and welcomed two young sportspeople - they proudly ran their 600 m in their prams, while the adults section managed to crush their 5.7 and 11.4 km runs like it was nobody's business!  Thank you all for participating and thus helping the hospice build their new wing - it will give the hospice enough space for a daily care unit where families of terminally ill patients can place their beloved and run errands or enjoy some much-needed time off while their loved ones are being taken care of by professionals.  Find out more  here . AND, OF COURSE, A HUGE THANK YOU! To our amazing Purple team. Without their hard work and dedication they show every day, none of this would be even remotely possible.  Let´s see what 2022 brings! Love,  Your Purple Foundation team

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