Helping spinal cord injured people with ParaCENTRUM Fenix

The month of April came with a lovely opportunity to put on a fancy dress and enjoy the annual ball of ParaCENTRUM Fenix as one of the supporters of the organization. It has been historically the first ball we have been invited to and the largest barrier-free event of its kind in Czechia, when it comes to that!

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ParaCENTRUM Fenix in Brno is a non-profit organization that helps spinal cord injured (SCI) people and their families and close ones to make a safe return to an active and exciting life and its head – the very humble and sweet Mr Odstrčil has instantly become a friend of our foundation.

The center offers various services – physiotherapy, personal assistance who can shop for a wheelchair-bound person or take them out for a concert, transport, and many more! If in need of a roof over their heads, borrowing an equipment, discussing their eating habits or even playing ping-pong, they can always turn to Fenix.

As large numbers of people have been reaching out for their help, they came up with an ambitious project of a new Fenix center that can help four times as many people in Kníničky with an expected finish in 2021. Purple Foundation has decided to support the new center, as well as employee training and organization of an annual family outing with a sum of 400 000 Kč.

Model of the new barrier-free center in Kníničky

Model of the new barrier-free center in Kníničky

Almost everyone knows a person who has been left wheelchair-bound after a spinal cord injury. It is truly impossible to fully comprehend how unexpected and life-changing thing that is. Every person working for Fenix knows that and together they create a safe space that is there for people in need. They reach out to so many and inspire even more – which are also the main reasons they caught our heart, just as I named them with a shaky voice in the microphone in front of hundreds of people at the ball. 😊

We cannot wait to see what the future brings for the organization and will try our best to support them and stay friends for a long time to come. Thank you again for the invitation to the ball with amazing people, amazing food and program (plus an opportunity to bid in an auction, which was a first for all of us).

2019 Fenix ball in hotel Voroněž

2019 Fenix ball in hotel Voroněž

If you want to help Fenix, please see their website about making a donation or learn about other ways of helping, such as volunteering. The website also offers information about the new center and plenty of interesting stories of their clients:

Dana Ševčíková