About Us

The Purple companies bring innovations to the world of finance. The founders have always had the vision of building fintech businesses that make people's life easier and with the help of our great purple team, we bring our own business ideas to life such as Purple Technology or forex brokerages and support new fintech startup ventures.

We love to work with people who possess drive and energy; who want to challenge themselves, and above all, who genuinely wish to share our values of freedom, fairness and friendliness. We love to see these values projected into our Purple Foundation and are happy to say that we are helping to make life easier for people outside of the company as well. To find out more about Purple Holding and Purple Technology, visit our websites http://www.purple-holding.com/ and  https://www.purple-technology.com/.


Our Team

Everyone from our companies lends a hand in some way. But the key people responsible for running Purple Foundation are these:

Jakub Nytra (2).jpg


An entrepreneur who has participated in establishing several successful companies with clients and partners all around the world. He has decided to start the Purple Foundation to lend a helping hand to people and organizations that in need of help, or directly helping others.

David Kašper (3).jpg


A visionary who loves to activate new projects and businesses, but also one who loves to help others, be it through financial donations or personal development. As a part of the Purple Foundation team he focuses mainly on projects related to education and self-improvement of people who deserve it, but do not have the financial capacity to afford it.

Dana Ševčíková.jpg


A true charity enthusiast with a soft spot for everything vulnerable, she has participated in numerous charity and volunteering projects from helping animal shelters, sewing toys for deserted cats and dogs, working at an injured animal station and trying to persuade everyone in sight to recycle.



A creative, responsible and humble person always willing to lend a helping hand to people who deserve it and help them no matter the circumstances. Very passionate about finding new ways and approaches to help others along with making their life situation better. Proud to be a part of Purple Foundation where his philanthropist nature meets the right people in order to make our world a better place.

Lenka Sedláčková.jpg


A little ray of sunshine in the office, Lenka is a person who is always there to give a helping hand, which is why her inclusion in the Purple Foundation is a no-brainer. She has a soft spot for helping children and the elderly. Lenka is one of the people who really mean it when they say they like people - and you can see it in every action, smile and nice word she has for those around her.