Our Team - Dana - A year later

In the last introduction, you told us a bit about your position in the Purple Team. I would like to ask about your journey to Purple – what were your studies focused on and how did you find out that Purple would be the best fit for you? 

My field of study has very little to do with my current job – I studied teaching English. English language has always been my big passion,
but after a couple of semesters I found teaching children too demanding. I do, however, enjoy teaching adults and from time to time I take on a student or two. Studying English also helped me in Purple – I do translations for the company and help my colleagues with any questions they might have in my famous “Lingvistické okienko.”

I started in Purple as an HR Assistant, then moved on to event
management for a couple of years and now work full time in Purple Foundation. It embodies everything I look for in a job – charity, creativity, socializing, event management, meeting new people and places, English, ecology, hands-on work, and much more. I truly feel it is the perfect fit for me!

Which charity endeavors are currently your favourite in Purple Foundation? 

Any connected with helping Ukraine which is a huge topic in our foundation these days. I am also rooting for ProFem, o.p.s. who are building the first centre for victims of sexual violence in the Czech Republic. And I know that it is very soon, but I already cannot wait for the first ever Charity Christmas market at our company’s headquarters!

Is there any charity event you attend outside of PuFo that you would like to recommend? 

An area very close to my heart is helping animals and animal
shelters. Animals cannot express their needs, pain and hardships like we can, which is why we should focus on them all the more. I have been helping in animal shelters in Slovakia and Czechia, organized collections for them, making gift packages and toys for the dogs and cats. 

If you wish to help animals, there are so many ways to do so
– helping with a clean-up or taking dogs for a walk at the spot, helping organize charity shops and flea markets, donating financially, donating much needed items such as towels, nappies, food, duvets, bowls, and much more! Another way to use your talent and help support them is offering your social media, programming or photography skills – just ask at your local shelter. Get creative – once I contacted a tennis centre in Brno and they donated 150 used
tennis balls for the dogs to play with. 😊 To name some of them that definitely deserve our help – Tuláčik, Veľké Kapušany, Kočičí tlapky, Tibet, etc.

Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public? 

Mental health support and ensuring dignified conditions for seniors nationwide – be it in their own homes or social housing. I feel that too many of our seniors live under the poverty line and they are not granted the comfort and rest they deserve. I also feel that the current technology-oriented society is not fit for them and oftentimes they might feel confused, misunderstood and lonely. I wish to see a change in this area soon. That is why I am really happy that Purple Foundation is supporting Mezi Námi who connect
seniors with kindergarten children, has supported the Ježíškova Vnoučata program and regularly donates to hospices and hospitals. 

A year ago, I was asking about your goals and plans for the next couple of months and yours were I to stop shopping uncontrollably, go to nature more often, cook more often and take more dogs for walks. Have you managed to make any of these dreams come true? 

I have definitely been working on my mental health – therapy, meditation, actually sitting down and taking a good hard look at my
habits and relationships. It’s not always easy, but I can already see a lot of progress! 😊 I am cooking a lot more, which I am immensely proud of, the shopping sprees are, fortunately, less frequent, but the
one thing that I need to work on is walking more dogs still.

What are some of your personal goals for 2022? 

As I am turning 30 this year, I have compiled a list of 30 things I want to do before this big birthday and I am following it religiously! Some things I have already checked are driving a tractor, trying tlačenka,
visit Adamov or bake a bábovka in my own bábovka form. The biggest one is happening in only a couple of days – I am having my own art exhibition and after months of preparation, I cannot wait for the vernissage! For the rest of the year, I would like to spend more time with my family, take every possible chance to travel to a seaside and I have been flirting with the idea to learn to play the violin. 

We happily accept suggestions for organizations in need of help.

Feel free to contact us at info@purple-foundation.com or at 

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