Our Team - Filip

What is your position in the company?

I currently act as an HR sponsor, which means that I try to keep an overview of how HR works in our group of companies and consult when needed.

Have you always inclined to charity and charity work?

I have, at least a little bit for most of my adult life. When I couldn’t donate any money or time, me and my colleagues at least donated blood, so I think there is always a way to help.

What is your role at Purple Foundation and which of our charity endeavors are currently your favourite?

I have been active in my Foundation role for only a little over a year, which makes me officially the “youngest serving member” and thus I try to bring in an “outside perspective”. I do not have a specific role, but I tend to believe in helping others help themselves - giving a helping hand, so that the other can stand on their own two feet and learns to move forward without further outside help.

Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public?

There are so many, but to name one, I would say physical health and stability of young people, be it children or teenagers. It’s important to learn to cope with the ever-changing world and environment we all live in. One’s personality is shaped immensely at a young age and it is harder to change one’s habits later on.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Apart from work that I love, I am a family person and I am grateful for any time I can spend with my family. I also find it very important and relaxing to do sports or walk in the nature.

What are some of your personal goals for 2022?

Aside of my constant goal which is peace, health and overall happiness of my family, these days my aim is the completion of the location where we live and are building a house. I wish that other happy families could live there and, above all, the area would be as pleasant as possible to live in. I believe that it will also have quite an impact on nature and the surrounding area. It's nice that people are slowly realizing that even houses and areas for living can be connected with nature.

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