Basic Principles of Our Help



We want to start helping locally and then spread the support further. At the beginning, we are opting for people and organizations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and wish to help in Europe and perhaps worldwide in the future.



We focus on society. We understand that in life, your skills and talents might get you far, but if your circumstances are unfortunate, you might not get a chance to use them. We are here to enhance the equality of opportunities.



Variety is what we aim for. We do not wish to support only one or two particular types of projects. We try keep an open mind and look out for those in need of urgent help, wherever they might come from.     



We make the choices together as a company. The foundation is represented by a committee of a few, but the incentives and ideas on whom to help come from all of us.



We do our research and opt for official organizations with     transparent financing, in an urgent need of help and a long-lasting impact.