Our Team - Lenka - A year later

Lenka, in the last introduction, you told us a bit about your position in the Purple Team. I would like to ask about your journey to Purple – what were your studies focused on and how did you find out that Purple would be the best fit for you?

Maybe my studies are a bit out of topic as I studied Aesthetics. Anyway, my first job experience was in an online bank and I found
my passion for FinTech there. Purple is a very natural result of my years spent in this industry. I wanted to know more and now I am really satisfied as I get to learn something new every day.

Which charity endeavors are currently your favourite in Purple Foundation?

I personally love a hospice called Cesta domů as they help
directly and also they have great educational project which helps breaking the taboo of facing death in our society.

Is there any charity event you attend outside of PuFo that you would like to recommend?

Not really an event, but every Christmas I support a different charity as it has been a part of the Christmas holidays for me in my adult years.

Which area of charity work should, in your opinion, get more attention and support from the public?

I think Czech people are doing very well in this area and we are generous donors. In general, I think our society should pay more attention to people struggling with mental diseases from depression to Alzheimer´s. I am afraid it is still a taboo in our society. In this regard I don´t mean only financial help but also public education which will help to change the system.

A year ago, I was asking about your goals and plans for the next couple of months and yours were improving your driving skills and learn to pickle sauerkraut using your grandmother's recipe. Have you managed to make any of these dreams come true? What are some of your personal goals for 2022?

Well, I haven´t achieved any of them for 100%. Anyway, my main goal this year is family as I am pregnant. And I assume my driving and
cooking skills will come along smoothly with maternity.

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